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Get the relief you need and file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy NOW!

We can stop garnishments, repossessions, and collector calls.

We can also help you re-build your credit with a $0 down bankruptcy. Get back on track. Take charge of your financial future.

Personal Injury

No one expects to have an accident, and we know how devastating it can be when you're hurt and cannot work, or if you lose a loved one due to the negligence of another. At "Furonda Law," we understand the difficulty of piecing your life back together after an accident or injury. Our devoted staff will be here to help you through these difficult times. Call us today.

Worker's Compensation

​If you or someone you know was injured on the job, "Furonda Law" is here to HELP WHILE YOU HEAL. Don't let your employer minimize your injury or push you back to work before you have fully recovered. Our law office is experienced and we can deal with the stress of your worker's compensation case, while you recover from your injury.

Criminal Defense

What do you do when the state or the feds are out to get you? "KEEP CALM, CALL FURONDA." We work hard to understand the circumstances of your case. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with prosecutors, to get the best outcome for your case. We have  achieved numerous dismissals for our clients, and had felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. 

We are well versed in the FIRST OFFENDER'S ACT and can help First Offenders to maintain their clean record. 

We will travel the state of Arkansas to get you the justice that you deserve.



If you do not have a legal will, and you want to take the necessary steps to ensure that your family is taken care of after death. please let the caring service of Furonda law take on that burden.

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